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Reizende foto-tentoonstelling

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De nieuwe data en plaatsen waar de tentoonstelling te zien is, zijn bekend:
30 augustus 2018 - 21 september 2018 - Raadhuis Hoofddorp
maandag, woensdag, vrijdag 09:00 - 17:00 uur
dinsdag , donderdag 09:00 - 20:00 uur

5 oktober 2018 - 31 oktober 2018 - Stadskantoor, Lübeckplein 2, 8017 JZ Zwolle
Maandag, dinsdag, woensdag en vrijdag 08.00-17.00 uur, donderdag 08.00-19.00 uur.

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English translation of the folder
On 17 July 2014, flight MH17 of Malaysia Airlines was en route from Schiphol Airport to Kuala Lumpur when it was hit by an anti-aircraft missile above the east of Ukraine. All 298 passengers, including 196 Dutch nationals and 15 Malaysian crew members, were killed. An indescribable disaster for all loved ones, many of whom had only hours before said goodbye to the victims at Schiphol Airport. But also, a scratch on the soul of the Dutch society, which massively expressed its sympathy on the days the mortal remains returned home.
In 2015, the relatives opted for the erection of a national monument at Vijfhuizen, in the immediate vicinity of Schiphol Airport. A monument in the form of a reminder ribbon with 298 trees that keep the memory of the victims of this terrible event alive.
The photo exhibition ‘Groeiende Herinnering’ (‘Growing Memory’) gives an impression of the realization of the National Monument MH17 Fascinating metamorphosis The National Monument MH17 Foundation (stichting Nationaal Monument MH17), the driving force behind the design of this monument, has asked photographers Philip P. Kruijer and Richard Maertens (Maeric Photography), both Vijfhuizen residents, to capture the realization of this national monument from start to finish in photographs. This resulted in more than 7,000 pictures.
Let the photographers take you through the fascinating metamorphosis that park Vijfhuizen underwent from fallow grass to a National Monument in memory of the largest post-war attack on Dutch civilians. A place where trees grow, flowers bloom and people find comfort and can express respect. A place for reflection and gathering, brought together in about 70 photographs that tell the impressive story behind the National Monument MH17. Experience how, in seven months’ time, 30,000 tons of soil was supplied, 3 kilometers of hiking trail was developed, 298 trees were planted in 2 days, a memorial of 16 tons of steel was waltzed and placed, the names of all the victims were engraved.; how with large construction cranes numerous concrete elements were put down, 170,714 flowering bulbs were planted and how more than 50 volunteers planted 20,000 sunflowers by hand. Often under great pressure and difficult conditions. Everything with merely one goal: to ensure that the commemoration of this disaster could take place here on 17-07-2017, together with the survivors, the Royal couple, the cabinet and representatives of the 11 countries where victims are regrettable.
Philip P. Kruijer (1943) was editor and editor-in-chief of various trade journals and public magazines in the field of photography for more than 30 years. He also wrote a book about recording techniques in (digital) photography. After his retirement, he created a photo book on the arrival and departure of asylum seekers in the temporary crisis center at the Expo Haarlemmermeer. That book was the reason for the request of the National Monument MH17 Foundation to capture the realization of the monument in photographs. Started in December 2016, he is still working on it to this day. Philip photographs with Canon equipment.
Richard Maertens (1966) tries to put reality in a different perspective. Through humor and precision, he creates his own world of sports, man and nature. By transforming everyday things into different forms, he gives these elements a new ardor. Richard is a buyer by profession and has been a passionate photographer since his youth. He once started as a photographer of women’s hockey at ‘Klein Zwitserland’. His passion therefore mainly lies in sports photography, where speed is the biggest challenge to capture well. “The perfect picture is usually the one photograph that you do not have to edit. Good ideas arise through creative thinking.” Richard photographs with Nikon equipment.
In the coming months the exhibition will be on display at various locations around Schiphol Airport. The dates and locations will be indicated on the website of the National Monument MH17 ( The photographs of this exhibition are also for sale. The proceeds will benefit the National Monument MH17. For more information and ordering see:

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